search engine results manipulation

Children's legal synchronous search engine results manipulation modulation
is a respect for life strategy that allows young people to
create a better future than the one their parents created.
The ultimate disruptive technology has already become children's immortality education done internetedly
because it requires people to stop pretending that they care
and actually create the solutions, even miracles, together.
Yes, everyone.
That does include you, by the way! As children are awakened into this respect for life phenomenon, interneted,
they won't be fooled by fake parents or teachers,
police, psychologists, or preachers or anyone really.
Their innate truth, love. clarity, and heightened intutitive aptitude does protect them
from your old paradigm gaming modality.
Schools, internationally, will get renovated by children's higher respect for life integrity
, synchronized psychically aka beehiviour.
They will spread this goodness among themselves and eventually raise
their parents into reality.
Blessed Events are Intentional...right there in your heart center. April 21 2008

Children's Immortality Sedona Pychic Readings.

Children's search results modification school created Internetedly Clusty April 21, 2008 Clusty April 21, 2008

These Last Shall be First!

Children's search engine results manipulation school.